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Ranking System

We have not yet developed a ranking system for our event, or series of tournaments we intend to host. However, we will be posting results from our tournament on this page.  Soon to follow will be an official ranking system within our organization.  Stay tuned and see you on the tournament floor.


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5 Star Rated Tournaments Points System


1st Place - 600 Points

2nd Place - 475 Points

3rd Place - 350 Points

4th Place - 225 Points

5th - 8th Place - 175 Points


Grand Absolute Division Champion

300 Points


6 Star Rated Tournaments Points System


1st Place - 700 Points

2nd Place - 575 Points

3rd Place - 450 Points

4th Place - 325 Points

5th - 8th Place - 275 Points


Grand Champion Absolute Division


 350 Points

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