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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where do I weigh in at?


You may weigh in the day of the tournament as early as 7 am. at the event. Weigh ins will go on all day.


Q:  What are the times all about?


For each competitor we have set a designated time for each division, age and ring.  We guarantee we will never go early and we run on time 99% of the time.  This eliminates the all day long wait.  Many times competitors lose their advantage because they do not know when to warm up, or warm up and then their division gets postponed.  We want all of our competitors to be fresh and we value their time.  


Q: What is the Absolute Division?




Q: What happens if I pay all this money and my child or I lose my first round match?


If you lose your first round, you will get to compete again,


Q: Does everyone receive an Award?


Yes - everyone receives and award, even the runners up will receive a medal.  There is a distinction between 1-4th place medals and the runners up medal, but we give medals to all competitors, irrelevant as to where they place for the runners up.


Q:  Is there a special award for the School that brings the most students and wins the most events?


Yes - We award a plaque to the school who brings the most students and represents their school.  We also award a School Award for overall winners for the most wins within a school.  These are awards are sent by mail to the schools after all divisions have been tabulated.


Q: Will there be an overall winner division with a special award?


Yes -this will be called our "Absolute Division"


Q: Will there be food available at the event?


Yes - The Freeport Recreation Center normally has their own cafeteria complete with food, however we always try to make sure if food isn't available we have a food truck standing by.


Q:  Will there be gear to purchase, t-shirts and other items?


Yes -  We have a complete gear sale supply company with t-shirts and all apparel available the day of the event.










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